Michael J. Sielaff

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The reviews are in!  See what YouTube is saying about Michael...

"He is the UGLIEST THING I've ever seen..."   (prettyprettymo)

"god damn that dude is tall"   (nate reina)

"0:09 Rape Face"   (mickiyah pope)

"I couldn't even finish watching this because that guy is so disgusting..."   (21pinupgirl)

"as a delivery driver, I am offended"   (TailPress09)

"Is that the pizza guy from Tenacious D?"   (Harrawesome

"I don't think this is funny?"   (malloriecz)


Oh, and here's a more favorable review:

"...comparing the brilliance of execution I saw in this film [Loud and Deep] to anything Jim Carrey has done, is in my opinion, kind of an insult to Michael J. Sielaff, because I'd rather watch Michael any day of the week. Jim Carrey never understood where to draw the line between being funny...Michael nails being truly funny and entertaining by not crossing that line. So kudos to him on an outstanding performance."  

                                                               (Duane L. Martin, Roguecinema.com)


And check out Sielaff in the New York Times! 



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